Hi! We are Anita and Tomo and we are here to tell you our story and to support you to make your own.


We started as acquaintances from an acting studio 8 years ago. After a lot of joint creative work and some business attempts, we became very good friends and even roommates at some point. Along the way, we started a love relationship. As to all our other projects, we approached it as creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs. We experimented, failed, became better at it and went on with the pattern. And now we just don't want to stop.

We are both published writers. We write about our lives, families and of course, the struggles and beauties of a long term relationship.

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P.S. I Love You

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We believe in long term relationships. We believe in family. We believe in entrepreneurial couples. We believe everyone can have it all. And we believe it all starts with two people committed to building a life together.

Our mission is to connect all the like-minded people and to support each other in building strong and independent couples, families and communities.

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