Tomo for Anita

1.’Cause you’re an innocent child.

2. ’Cause you’re wild at heart.

3. ’Cause you give yourself completely.

4. ’Cause you’re not affraid of the fear.

5. ’Cause of the way your big eyes open up.

6. ’Cause of the way you give yourself to my protection.

7. ’Cause you don’t let me sleep if you need me.

8. ’Cause you aren’t serious at all.

9. ’Cause you’re deadly serious.

10. ’Cause you protect me in your furiousness.

11. ’Cause you’re curious.

12. ’Cause you listen.

13. ’Cause you’re not ashamed to dig deeper.

14. ’Cause you’re here for me.

15. ’Cause you want us to be the best version of us.

16. ’Cause you want me to guide you.

17. ’Cause you’re a genuine Balkan woman.

18. ’Cause you’re more cosmopolitan than Sex & The City feat. Posh Spice.

19. ’Cause you comfort me.

20. ’Cause you pressure me.

21. ’Cause you follow me around.

22. ’Cause of your hair on my face.

23. ’Cause you’re the first one to really feel my hands.

24. ’Cause you’re small in front of the God.

25. ’Cause you’re not afraid to live this life.

26. ’Cause your horror has a soul.

27. ’Cause you’re bigger than your ego.

28. ’Cause you found love for your mother.

29. ’Cause you’re inspiring.

30. ’Cause you’re a Dark Star.

31. ’Cause you’re Drama.

32. ’Cause you’re The Style more than Jackie O.

33. ’Cause you’re poetry more than I am.

34. ’Cause you know you’re just a spack of dust.

35. ’Cause you gave me your precious trust.

36. ’Cause I feel your love.

37. ’Cause you own your shit.

38. ’Cause you redefined authenticity.

39. ’Cause you’re powerful.

40. ’Cause you make people scared.

41. ’Cause you make me scared sometimes.

42. ’Cause you’re not settling for less.

43. ’Cause you’re the most human creature I know.

44. ’Cause you admire the Higher Power.

45. ’Cause you bathe in the Source of Life.

46. ’Cause your tender.

47. ’Cause you’re etheric.

48. ’Cause you’re fiery.

49. ’Cause you’re a fighter.

50. ’Cause you speak the truth.

51. ’Cause you’re vulnerable.

52. ’Cause your practical.

53. ’Cause you cook damn good.

54. ’Cause you let go what doesn’t belong to you.

55. ’Cause you’re a sex bomb.

56. ’Cause you like us to fuck our brains out.

57. ’Cause you obey me.

58. ’Cause you like to feel my dick deep in your pussy.

59. ’Cause you like to jerk off my cock.

60. ’Cause you like me to watch while you jerk off.

61. ’Cause you enjoy the taste of my cock.

62. ’Cause you don’t tolerate bullshit.

63. ’Cause you hate small talk.

64. ’Cause you don’t believe in lies.

65. ’Cause you gave yourself the permission to be fucked up.

66. ’Cause you’ don’t want to be right although you want to be right.

67. ’Cause you’re a workaholic.

68. ’Cause your modest.

69. ’Cause you’re not seeking approval.

70. ’Cause you fall apart.

71. ’Cause you’re natural.

72. ’Cause you blossom.

73. ’Cause you’re spiritual.

74. ’Cause you’re a little whore.

75. ’Cause you’re a mother.

76. ’Cause you curse like a sailor.

77. ’Cause you respect your roots.

78. ’Cause you hate artificial.

79. ’Cause you’re an artist.

80. ’Cause you feel the magic.

81. ’Cause crystal balls, cards and gemstones are your toys.

82. ’Cause you respect books.

83. ’Cause you’re wise and partly grey.

84. ’Cause you’re sly.

85. ’Cause you’re a leader.

86. ’Cause you’re counterintuitive.

87. ’Cause you’re intuitive.

88. ’Cause you’re your own child.

89. ’Cause you went down the rabbit hole.

90. ’Cause you’re naive.

91. ’Cause you don’t give a fuck.

92. ’Cause you can do it all alone.

93. ’Cause you’re not trendy.

94. ’Cause you play the best games.

95. ’Cause you embraced Dalmatia.

96. ’Cause you’re a hard book to read.

97. ’Cause you ask for attention and care.

98. ’Cause you’re humble while sharing your beauty.

99. ’Cause Mother Earth wears your face.

100. ’Cause you’re ready to follow me on a space mission to meet Alien.